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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Ripple and Lull?
A: The design and capacity of the two diffusers are different. Lull by Quooz is shaped like a bud, and is available in five different colors. Ripple by Quooz has a rippled design and is available in pearl white. Lull by Quooz can contain up to 200 ml water, which enables it to diffuse up to 8 hours continuously and 16-18 hours intermittently. Ripple by Quooz has an 80 ml capacity and diffuses up to 4-5 hours continuously. The light function is also different. Lull by Quooz has a separate control button for the light, which can be set to "breathing mode" or to your desired brightness whereas the Ripple only has one level of light available.

Q: Can I shut the light entirely while the diffuser works?
A: Yes. The Quooz diffusers are specially designed to be able to operate with absolutely no light or blinking indicators.

Q: How do I operate the Ripple diffuser?
A: Ripple by Quooz has one control button.

  • -Press the button once to turn on the mist and the light.
  • -Press the button again to continue misting with the light OFF.
  • -Press the button once again to turn off the unit entirely.

Q: Can I use the light of my Lull diffuser without the mist?
A: Yes, the LED light in the Lull diffuser can work even when the mist is off. Enjoy your nightlight.

Q: May the diffusers be used with citrus oils? A: Yes. Citrus oils may be used with any Quooz diffuser. However, citrus oils are quite acidic, so it is not beneficial for the oil to remain in the machine for a while when the machine is not in use. Therefore the inner part of the diffuser must be cleaned within 24 hours after use with citrus oils.

Q: How do I clean my diffuser?
A: It's quite simple. Just wipe out with a soft damp cloth, cleaning the center disc especially well. You may also use mild soap and water or a water-vinegar solution.

Q: I have been using my diffuser for a while and I see that sediment has settled on the bottom. What can I do about it?
A: The sediment you are referring to has been caused by the minerals in your water, which have settled on the bottom of your diffuser. To clean, gently rub your device with distilled vinegar. Rinse with warm water.

Q: The Lull diffuser looks beautiful. Is it glass or plastic?
A: Lull by Quooz is made of a synthetic material that looks like glass but is really thick, durable plastic. No, it won't shatter when dropped.

Q: I am interested in buying bulk. Does Quooz offer discounted wholesale prices?
A: Yes we do. Just supply us with your contact information and Quooz will email you a wholesale form. Once you are approved as a potential Quooz wholesaler, we will email you a product list with the discounted prices. Click here to jumpstart the quick process.

Q: Can I purchase my diffuser through this site?
A: Absolutely! Just click here to choose your diffuser. And don't forget to download Quooz's FREE e-book on everything you need to know about Aromatherapy and essential oils.

Q: What are the main benefits of a Quooz Diffuser?
A: Lull and Ripple Highlights in a Nutshell:

  • Quiet Diffusion
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Includes a/c adapter
  • Energy- saving adjustable LED lighting
  • Super large capacity
  • Diffuses ultrasonically at 2.4million Hz/second
  • Five functions in one:Purifier/Aroma Diffuser/ Ionizer/Humidifier/Nightlight

Q: What kind of water is recommended for the Quooz diffusers?
A: Quooz diffusers are deigned to be used with REGULAR TAP WATER at room temperature.
Distilled water will create a weaker mist output than regular tap water.
However, if your water is harder than 12 grains per gallon, Quooz recommends mixing half tap water with half distilled water to reduce the hardness, or using inexpensive bottled spring water.
Water from most household water softeners is okay to be used in the Quooz diffusers. However, those using chemicals such as salt should not be used.