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When my symptoms of general weakness, loss of appetite, and occasional dizziness persisted despite negative blood test results and numerous conventional treatments, I decided to try aromatherapy as a last-ditch attempt to restore my health.

I bought a tiny vault of peppermint oil and began to massage my forehead and neck with a few drops every day. After just a few days, my dizzy spells disappeared, and I felt more energized than ever before. And I – Joe Fleisher – was hooked.

Heady with my newfound health and wellbeing, I immersed myself in the world of aromatherapy. Topical application, massage, inhalation and water immersion – I tried it all. When my wife and children wanted the aromatic experience as well, I realized that there weren’t any good-quality, long-lasting essential oil diffusers on the market.

I wanted a diffuser that was pretty enough to be placed around my house as a tchotchke and effective enough to infuse my house with healing. When I could not find one, my wife and children urged him to apply my artistic talents and create my own diffuser. And so, Quooz was born. Quooz unlocks the potency of aromatic plant extracts in the comforts of your home. Modern, yet timeless, Quooz oil diffusers provide an aromatic experience like never before.

Indulge in a shower of luscious scents and intoxicating mists. Free your spirit, as you unwind under soothing moisturizing aromas. Relax your muscles, inhale and exhale, and let your mind take you wherever you wish to be. Feel your blockages clear up, as you experience healing and nourishment – Aromatherapy at its best.